Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended browsers for Oncreate3D.
Check if your Chrome version supports WebGL with (http://caniuse.com/#feat=webgl)
If browser version doesn’t support WebGL, try installing latest one.

For supported browser :
Go to chrome ://flags
Ensure that Disable WebGL is not activated (you'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect).
If your browser does not show option for Disable WebGL then do the following:
1. Go to chrome://flags
2. Enable the flag: override software rendering list
3. Relaunch Chrome for changes to take effect
Check if your Mozilla Firefox version supports WebGL with (http://caniuse.com/#feat=webgl)
If browser version doesn’t support WebGL, try installing latest one.

For supported browser :
Go to about : config
Search for webgl.disabled
Ensure that its value is false (any changes take effect immediately without relaunching Firefox).
Following are graphics mouse controls :

1. Left mouse button : Perform ‘rotation’ by pressing the button and dragging over the screen.
2. Mouse wheel / Middle mouse button : Perform ‘zoom’ by rotation the wheel or by pressing and dragging the button over the screen.
3. Right mouse button : Perform ‘pan’ by pressing the button and dragging over the screen.
Changing background color, component color or any other graphics related setting is not supported in current release.
If toolpath execution takes long time or consumes lot of memory on server or execution crashes on server side, browser doesn’t get the response from server. Please go to dashboard by clicking on OnCreate3D logo at left-top of browser page. In worse case you will loose the last created toolpath.
In almost all the cases you will get confirmation email in your mailbox. (Check for spam folder as well.) In rare cases you might not get confirmation mail. If you haven’t received mail from us within half an hour, please write to us at contact@OnCreate3D.com, we will send you confirmation mail manually.
You are trying to log in to your account before confirming your email address. Please check for confirmation mail in your email account and validate your email address with us by clicking the link given in the mail.
We need to retrieve your email address from our database. Please write to us at contact@OnCreate3D.com, and provide your name, surname and user type (Student/Hobbiest/Professional) provided to us at the time of signing up.
As the type suggests, sign up as Student if you are student and so on. Please check www.OnCreate3D.com for Pricing Plans to know more about plans for different user types.
Currently we are supporting only Mill projects. In future we will support Lathe, SheetMetal projects as well.
Mill project type can currently import STL and DXF files. We will provide import of IGES/STEP files in future.
Soon the dashboard will display the total data space you have consumed on our server.
We are currently running our Beta evaluation program. You can create unlimited projects and unlimited toolpaths until Beta program is running.
There is no option for selecting focal point for Radial, Concentric and Spiral toolpaths in current version. It is aligned to center of bounding box of component.
During Beta evaluation program, there is no limit of size of NC File that you download.
We might bring some restrictions in future.
Your email address is very much secured with us. It will be used only to communicate with you time to time.
Your data is very much secured with us. Only you will have access to your data.Although we will take atmost precaution to preserve your data, we don’t take any guaranty against the loss due to server crash or related issues.
We will preserve your data up to 60 days post your last login on our portal. Decision to preserve it beyond 60 days entirely lies with us.
This happens when there is no actual toolpath data to display in graphics viewer. For example, in case of Finish Contour or Rough Pocket, if part thickness is say 5mm and Z step provided is more than 5mm no toolpath will be produced. In case of Finish Parallel toolpath, if step over is more than part width, no toolpath will be produced.
Yes. Right click on the toolpath entry in the toolpath operation list, an option can be seen to edit the toolpath.
As long as you share with write and read access, you can always unshare the project, but if you share with copy access then, unsharing the shared project would not be possible.
If the project was shared with Read/Write access then the project will disappear from the dashboard of the user with whom the project was shared. If the project was shared with Copy access, the project will still exist in the receiver user’s dashboard.